The "Mapping Perspective" Series is a method for capturing the entire realm of vision from a single point in space. Combining geometry with cartography, I use the lens of the camera to map a 360 degree view, including above and below. I take 26 individual photographs, measure the prints by hand, cut and trace stencils onto the prints, and slice the prints with a razor blade and ruler into squares, hexagons, and octagons. I then mount and assemble the shapes into a 26-sided Archimedean Solid called a 'truncated cuboctahedron'. Each piece is a handmade work of art achieved without the use of software or computers. This technique and process is my primary tool toward creating sculpture, architectural, and site-specific installation works. By cutting into these solids, removing negative space, projecting light through them, and/or transferring visual information onto other surfaces, I can switch back and forth between two and three dimensions, thus creating a documented lineage between original source material and present location.